Dimple Creation

Want the Dimpled smile, get it created in an hour with Dimple  Surgery

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Dimple Creation

Want the dimpled smile? Get them in 1 hour with Dimple Surgery.

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What is Dimple Surgery

All your doubts about Dimple Surgery or Dimple Creation get answered by our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Ankit Gupta.

What are dimples

DIMPLES  are the indentations present on cheeks of some people, when they smile. They are considered a mark of beauty. They are actually a defect in the cheek muscle. This defect is present in very few people naturally and many more wish to have. With this knowledge, it is now possible for our plastic surgeon to create dimples on your cheeks, if you are not lucky enough to have them since birth

Patient Pictures

dimple creation panache aesthetics
dimple creation panache aesthetics
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What are the Indications for Dimple Surgery

  • You do not have them, and want them

  • You only have dimple on one side, and want it on the other side as well

  • Your dimples are faint, and want more prominent dimples


Know More About Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation or Dimpleplasty is a very simple, day care procedure, done under local anesthesia. Dimples are the indentations that occur when some people smile. They’re most often located on the bottoms of the cheeks. Some people may also have chin dimples.

Not everyone is born with this facial trait. In some people, dimples are naturally occurring from indentations in the dermis caused by the deeper facial muscles. Others may be caused by injury. In some cultures, dimples are considered auspicious and lucky, and that could be the reason for increased number of people asking for dimpleplasty lately.

For Dimple creation, a small incision is made from inside the cheek, and hence it is completely scarless on the outside.


Patient Testimonials


My experience with Dr Ankit Gupta is very amazing, he is very good doctor in every term. He take care of his patients both in pre operative and in post operative period. I was bit worry before surgery he make all efforts to calm me down and explained the procedure very well. And i am also very happy with my cosmetic surgery results, i always get compliments for the dimples he created.So I would definately recommend him for treatment…

Happy Patient – Dimple Creation


Besides being a very good human being, Dr Ankit Gupta is an excellent and highly skilled plastic surgeon. He gives undivided attention to his patients. His staff is friendly and caring.I highly recommend Dr Ankit Gupta. 

Happy Patient

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Dimples?

Dimple Creation is a very minor procedure and hardly takes 30 minutes of your time.

Where will you make the Dimples?

We can make them anywhere you want, however we always guide you where you should have them. With his extensive experience, Dr Ankit, can advice you regarding the usual position, and where it might look more aesthetic, but the place and shape you want is your choice.

How should I prepare for the Dimpleplasty?

Use Betadine mouth wash on the day of the surgery and avoid putting on any makeup that day. Surgery will be done under local anesthesia, and is pain free and you should go back home in an hours time. Bring someone along to drive you home.

When will my new dimples become visible?


Dimples are visible on the operating table itself. However, initially they are permanent, ie dimples will be present even when you don’t smile. It takes about a few weeks in Indian population for the dimple to become dynamic.

Will I have any scar or mark after Dimpleplasty?

The whole procedure Is done intra orally ie from inside your mouth so no cuts on your beautiful cheeks..

What care do I need to take in post-operative period.

All you need to do is take the provided medications for 5 days. For initial 2 days, try doing cold compressions to avoid swelling.

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Dr Ankit Gupta

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)

Dr Ankit Gupta, the founder and owner of Panache Aesthetics, is a senior Plastic Surgeon with many years of experience. He is one of the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi, and has extensive experience in Dimple Creation Surgery.