Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is used to add volume to different body areas.

Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is used to add volume to different body areas.

What is fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is a procedure by which fat is removed from one area of the body, and then we re-inject it where it is needed like female chest, bottom, hands etc. Fat Transfer is also called free fat transfer, autologous fat transfer/transplantation, liposculpture, volume restoration, micro-lipoinjection and fat injections.

The fat used for fat transfer is extracted from the abdomen or thighs of the patient and injected into another area.

What are the benefits of Fat Transfer

  • The advantage of fat transfer is that
    1. The fat is autologous (it comes from your own body), so allergic reactionsdo not occur, unlike when other external implant substances that are introduced into the body. Your body naturally accepts the injected fat.
    2. The results are permanent, and the injected fat will remain throughout life.
    3. The procedure can be repeated again after 3-6months if more filling or augmentation is required.
    4. Fat has certain special properties, which help in healing and rejuvenation and this is especially used to improve face skin and old scars.
    5. Fat can be processed into various sizes like Macro, Micro and Nano and each has its own use.
    6. To harvest fat we first do liposuction, which will remove the unwanted stubborn fat from areas where one doesn’t want it.


Patient Pictures

fat grafting @ panache aesthetics
fat grafting @ panache aesthetics
fat grafting @ panache aesthetics
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Fat grafting panache aesthetics
Fat grafting panache aesthetics
Fat grafting panache aesthetics

Types of fat Transfer

  1. Nano Fat- Has only the ADSC’s which help in healing, regeneration and rejuvenation
  2. Micro Fat- small fat cells which can be used to fill superficial areas of depression on face hands and scars.
  3. Macro Fat- large fat cells which are used to give volume to larger deeper areas like the female chest, bottom or deeper fat pockets of face.

Where can fat Transfer be done

  1. Fat can be taken from the Abdomen via Liposuction, and then injected in the bottom area to give it a more rounded and fuller appearance. We also use this technique for making Hour Glass Figure.
  2. Female chest: They can be used in place of implants, to give volume and fullness to chest area.
  3. Face: Fat Transfer can also be done on face. It gives a more plump appearance and a younger looking face.
  4. Hands: For Hand Rejuvenation
  5. Post Surgical Correction: In some cases, people mike have a dimpling left after the surgery. We can use fat transfer to correct such deformities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Fat Transfer done?

Fat Transfer is a minor procedure and is done as a day care procedure. Depending on the area covered, you will be free to go home, in anywhere between 1 hour to a few hrs.

Where will you do Fat Transfer?

Fat Transfer can be done anywhere you wish to increase the volume, or where you have lost the volume due to normal aging process.

Is Fat Transfer permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent, and will improve over time.

Will I have any scar or mark after Facial Fat Transfer?

Facial Fat Transfer is done via small needles, and hence doesn’t leave any scars.

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