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Female Chest Implants

Get the size and shape you always wanted with Implants!

female chest Implants

Get the size and shape you always wanted with female chest Implants!

What are the Indications for female chest Implants

    We recommend Implants in the following scenarios:
  • You wish for bigger bus-t size
  • You feel the female chests are asymmetrical
  • Loss in size and shape of female chests post pregnancy or weight loss

Know More About female chest Implants

It is now possible to enhance the appearance of your female chests with a very simple procedure, called as female chest implants surgery. Contrary to the popular belief, this procedure is extremely safe and very effective.  Anybody who wishes to have fuller female chests, is a candidate for female chest implants surgery. If someone has minor sagging, which could have been caused by weight loss or post pregnancy, female chest implants will not only fill up the volume but also lift up the female chests. However, in patients who have moderate to sagging – only implants will not help. Patients who have who have severe sagging, the correct procedure is mastopexy or female chest lift surgery.

female chest size can be increased via any of the three methods:

  1. Silicone Implants
  2. Saline Implants
  3. Fat Grafts

Saline Implants are silicone shells, filled with sterile salt water inside them. And silicone implants are filled with silicone gel. In Fat Grafts, we take your own body fat (from Abdomen or any other area), harvest it, and then use it in your female chests. In case, someone does not want implants, fat grafting, though not as effective, but is still a very good alternative.

We will guide you regarding the method most suitable to you and the size of implants, based on your requirements. In case, it is  required, we even offer female chest Lift surgeries, to help elevate the sagging female chests and improve your overall figure.

The process of female chest implants consists of:
  • Identifying the correct individual
  • Identifying the correct condition
  • Choosing the correct implants
  • Choosing the correct shape
  • Selecting the right volume
  • Introducing the implants in the correct plane

So as to give somebody a desired result.

The surgery is an hour-long procedure, in which a small four to five centimeter cut is given either in the Axilla, areola or in the infra mammary fold and a plane is created. This plane could be either beneath the muscle or above the muscle. After this, an appropriate implant, made of silicone is introduced in a sterile environment into that plane.

Ancillary procedures like fat grafting or mastopexy can be added to the female chest implant surgery. The scar is inconspicuous and in hidden areas, like beneath the female chest, in the fold or in the axilla and is almost invisible after two to three months.

You are usually discharged the same day from the hospital and the results are immediate though there is some amount of swelling and pain which will settle in the next few weeks. Recovery otherwise is smooth. Postoperatively, you are supposed to avoid vigorous exercise or heavy weight lifting for initial one month and are advised to wear a supportive sports bra for initial one to two months. Life of the implant is from 10 to 15 years.

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Patient Testimonials


Besides being a very good human being, Dr Ankit Gupta is an excellent and highly skilled plastic surgeon. He gives undivided attention to his patients. His staff is friendly and caring.I highly recommend Dr Ankit Gupta. (GOOGLE REVIEW)

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Fast, precise and excellent services and Surgical expertise. Wonderful and relaxing experience in stressful emergency . Heartfelt thanks to Dr Ankit Gupta to be Willingly available urgently at odd hours. God bless the young doc!

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Friendly environment, gentle and polite staffs. Experienced doctor. You will be dealt personally by doctor himself. Pre-surgical procedures, surgical procedure and post surgical procedures are of top notch. Do not hesitate to give a visit. Highly recommended

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Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor I want to increase my female chest size without surgery. Do you offer anything for that?

Sorry but female chest size cannot be increased without surgery. As per my knowledge, there is no approved treatment for the same, in any branches of medicine. No medicines or massage can help. Weight gain can help.

What options do I have for increasing the size?

Options are – Silicon gel implants and fat grafting, if you don’t have  excessive sagging of female chest.

I don’t have sagging and I want them to increase slightly- options?

I would recommend you go with Fat transfer to female chest which gives a moderate increase in size and is natural without any foreign body. In case, you don’t have excess fat in body then you can go for implants too. Implants come in various sizes and shapes and we will help you choose the right size for you.

I don’t have sagging but I want high profile or significant increase – options?

I would recommend you go with silicone gel female chest implants or you can opt for multiple sittings of fat grating. usually 2-3 sittings.


How long will my female chest implant last?

As per the current data, female chest implants are safe for at least 10-12 yrs, and with the newer ones coming their life has increased significantly.  

If I want the female chest implant to be removed, is it possible?

Yes it is possible with a minor surgery which takes around half an hour.

What about the marks of surgery?

If fat grafting is done, we inject fat via very minute holes which are almost invisible after 2 weeks. If implant is inserted, we give a 4-5 cm cut in the hidden areas like armpit or Inframammary fold or at junction of areola and skin which lighten over the next 4-6 weeks.

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