Four Lid Surgery: A Case Study

What is Four Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Surgery is the procedure by which we improve the look of the eye area cosmetically. It can be done on Upper eyelids, and/ or Lower Eyelids.

Four Lid Surgery, Four Eyelid Surgery, or Quad Blepharoplasty is the procedure in which all four eyelids are operated upon. The procedure combines both Upper Eyelid Surgery, and Lower Eyelid Surgery. This combination provides a complete rejuvenation of the eye area in a single sitting. With Four Lid Blepharoplasty, Dr Ankit will be able to remove all the excess skin and fat from both upper and lower eyelids at the same time.


Indications for Four Eyelid Surgery


Four Lid Blepharoplasty is recommended when the patient complains of fullness and heaviness in the entire eye region. The upper eyelids are sagging, and and have a swollen look due to the excess fat. The eyelids are hooded in appearane due to the excess skin and fat. There are bags under the eyes. You feel you always look tired, and your eye area is making you look much older than your actual age.

Four Lid Surgery will combine the benefits of both upper eyelid surgery and lower eyelid surgery.

  • Eyebrows hanging over,
  • Excess and lose skin of upper eyelids,
  • Swollen and fatty look on the upper eyelids
  • Under eye bags
  • Wrinkling and loose skin on the eyelids

Benefits of Four Lid Blepharoplasty

If you are concerned with a tired looking face, under eye bags, having difficulty in applying eye makeup due to loose skin or your eye makeup is not visible at all due to the hooded look of the eyes, then Four Eyelid Surgery will help you to achieve the youthful appearance you wish for. This will be done in a single procedure, and in the same amount of downtime, you can get a complete makeover.

The surgery will be performed under Local Anaesthesia, and you will be free to go home on the same day.

For more details about Blepharoplasty, please click here.


Case Study of Four Lid Blepharoplasty

The patient is a young female, very fit and active, but was suffering from heaviness and puffiness of upper eyelids as well as under eye bags. In her case, this was a genetic issue, and many people in her family have similar features.

Dr Ankit Gupta performed Four Lid Blepharoplasty on her, and you can see the results and her testimonials yourself.



Four eyelid surgery
Four Lid Blepharoplasty results

Patient Testimonial describing her experience with Four Eyelid Surgery

Dr Ankit discussing the case of Four Eyelid Surgery, how to prepare, and what to expect during recovery.

Other Procedures which can combine with Four Lid Blepharoplasty for complete Facial Rejuvenation:

1. Thread Lift, to provide a lift to the entire face

2. Injectables, for a quick anti ageing treatment

3. Fat Grafting, to provide lift and fullness to the cheek area. It can also be done to provide eyelid lift.

4. Buccal Fat Pad Removal, for a chiselled look on the face

5. Double Chin Liposuction

6. Chemical Peels, for an improved skin texture

7. Medifacials, like Hydra-Medi Facial, and Carbon Facial 

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