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Why Choose Gynecomastia at Panache Aesthetics? 

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Why to undergo Gynecomastia Surgery? What are the benefits of Gynecomastia Surgery?

Surgery is the only effective solution for True Gynecomastia, and has the following benefits:

  • Remove the unwanted gland, fat & skin
  • Boost your confidence
  • Fast recovery
  • Day Care Procedure, you will be discharged on the same day
  • Permanent Results
  • No visible Scarring
  • Give yourself a more toned and proportionate look
best gynecomastia surgeon in delhi
best gynecomastia surgery in delhi

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Gynecomastia Surgery Results: Patient Before After

    The patients are all young males, embarrased by their chest, unable to wear t-shirts, can’g go shirtless, or go swimming.

    As you can see in all the results:


    Gynaecomastia before after panache aesthetics
    Gynaecomastia before after panache aesthetics

    More Gynecomastia Before After

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    What is Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia, Man Boobs or Male Breast as it is commonly known, refers to enlargement of the breast tissues in Males. It is a common problem, seen by plastic surgeons these days.

    Gynecomastia might be due to pure fat deposits (Psedo Gynecomastia) or because of gland enlargement (True Gynecomastia) or both. Best way to determine the cause of enlargement of chest is by a proper physical examination by a Qualified Plastic surgeon.

    In majority of cases, there is no known cause. However, sometimes it may be because of use of steroids or due to hormonal imbalance. We will do a thorough physical examination along with necessary investigations to find the root cause of your troubles. If possible, we will try and treat it with Medications and if not we offer both Liposuction and Excision as Gynecomastia treatment options at Panache Aesthetics.

    There are 4 grades of Gynecomastia.

    What is the procedure of Gynecomastia Surgery?

    The Gynecomastia removal surgery will be done in the following ways:

    1. Only Liposuction if only fat is there, or soft gland: The skin is penetrated via small canula, and the excess fat is sucked out from under the skin. The cuts are only a few mm’s in size, and are almost invisible post healing.
    2. Liposuction along with Ultrasonic energy if hard gland is present along with majority of fat deposit
    3. Surgical excision along with Liposuction, if it is mainly gland: In case gland needs to be removed, we need to make a slightly larger incision. This incision is made at the point where the nipple meets the surrounding skin. And once the healing has occurred, the scar being perfectly aligned with the junction, is almost invisible.

    In case of Liposuction only, we can do it under Local Anaesthesia. However, if there is marked enlargement of the gland, which requires surgical excision, we prefer General Anaesthesia.

    It usually takes about 1 hr to 3 hrs for the procedure, depending on the grade of Man boobs or Gynecomastia that you have. Under LA, you will be awake the whole time, and can chat with the surgeon while you will be getting operated. In case of GA, you will wake up after the dressings will be completed.

    LA- you can go home after 2-4 hrs of observation with someone.

    GA- you need to stay for at least 6-8 hrs after surgery and then go home with a relative or friend.

    You will have a tight dressing over the operated area. We will give you discharge instructions and medications that need to be taken for next 5 days. You will need to visit again for dressing change, after 24-48 hrs.

    What is the cost of Gynecomastia Surgery?

    The cost of Gynecomastia Surgery depends on the Grade of Gynecomastia, and the kind of anesthesia (Local or General). The cost ranges between INR 30K to INR 50K, depending on these factors.

    Are Gynecomastia Surgery results permanent?

    Stay assured, the Gynecomastia gland, once removed, cannot recur again. The results are permanent.

    Will there be scars after Gynecomastia Surgery?

    Gynecomastia is not a scarless procedure, however, the scars are practically invisible. In cases, where only Liposuction is needed, the incisions made are just a few mm in size, through which a small canula is inserted. These scars are almost invisible after healing.

    In cases where Gland excision is required, Dr Ankit will place a small incision at the point where the darker skin of nipple meets the normal skin. So once it heals, the scar is perfectly aligned with the nipple, and hence cannot be seen easily. You can view the before after surgery pictures, and try to spot the scars.

    How is the recovery after Gynecomastia surgery?

    The recovery is fairly smooth, and fast. There will be some swelling and bruising after the procedure, which is absolutely normal. 3-5 days after the procedure, the bandages would be removed/ changed, and you will need to start wearing a pressure garment. We will be providing you with this pressure garment, made according to your size, and will enhance and improve the results of your surgery. You will be free to do regular activities post-surgery.

    The final results will be visible after around 3 months.

      Patient Testimonials


      hello team – thanks for the great experience I had. initially I was not sure because of the price which was below the market price, but I somehow trusted Dr Ankit. Looked genuine and was qualified as per my research with my doctor friends and what great results. I would love to recommend everyone who lives with this problem of gyneco to get treated here at such homely environment. trust me you won’t regret a bit. Safe and dependable – thumbs up.



      Thank you Dr Ankit Gupta for the new life I got because of your great surgery. I underwent Gynaecomastia surgery at his own centre in Pitampura. I had grade 3 so needed both Lipo and excision. His calmness and approachability inspired me to choose him. not money mined at all. wanted the best for me, treated me like his own brother. loved the whole experience. Centre was under renovation at my time but he made sure that my surgery and post op was very smooth. thanks again. recommend him for any cosmetic surgery and also for guidance of other treatments.






      Happy Patient

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do I know if I have Gynecomastia?

      Ideally you need to see a plastic surgeon for Diagnosis however, these are the symptoms of gynecomastia

      1. Pinch your chest just below your nipple areolar region. If u can feel a hard to semi hard swelling, then you have gynecomastia
      2. In case you have pain in and around the nipple areolar region, that is a sign of gynecomastia
      3. If you have puffy nipples or enlarged nipples
      4. If you feel that the chest shape is awkward even after you have reduced a significant amount of weight
      5. When you have a good pectoral muscle but you haven’t been able to get the lower portion of your chest right
      6. If there is a unilateral swelling or one side of the chest is heavier than the other.
      How can one confirm that he has gynecomastia?

      You need to see a plastic surgeon for proper examination of the chest where he will check your chest and see for other signs and symptoms for any other disease in the body and then let you know about your diagnoses


      USG- or ultrasound is not recommended and can be falsely reported as normal as its difficult to differentiate breast from fat on USG. Clinical examination by an experienced Plastic surgeon is the best way to get diagnosed.


      FNAC- or Fine needle aspiration cytology is recommended only in patient who have unilateral and sudden gynecomastia to rule out any possibility of breast cancer – which is very rare.

      I live far off from your center; how can I get in touch with you?

      In case it is not possible for you to visit the clinic in person we can arrange for you a direct one on one consultation with Dr. Ankit Gupta via either Whatsapp video call or other platforms. Please WhatsApp us your query on +91 9599554211 or write to us at for booking an online or offline appointment.

      Is the consultation chargeable?

      Yes- the consultation with our Plastic surgeon Dr. Ankit Gupta is charged at INR 500/- only.  In case you book the surgery with us, this will get adjusted in the total fee.

      How long will I get to talk to Dr Ankit?

      You can talk about your issues with sir till you want to and you clarify all your doubts. This process usually takes about half an hour to 45 mins. In case you have any firther queries, you can still send us a whatsapp later and we will be happy to answer all your queries to help you make you decion making process smoother.

      Do I get to see pictures of patients and results?

      You can see few cases online on our gallery page for your condition. During the consultation sir will show you some more cases which are similar to your grade. Later after the consult, you can still ask for more pictures in case you want to.

      We do not share pictures of the patients via whatsapp due to patient privcacy concerns and thus please excuse the team if thery don’t do the same.

      I have consulted so many other Plastic surgeons for Gynecomastia, what is that you do differently?

      Since gynecomastia treatment is a one-time surgical treatment, one must gain full knowledge and do his research before choosing the right plastic surgeon for himself.

      • Panache is owned by Plastic surgeon Dr Ankit Gupta and he operates all his patients himself and you are not operated by his juniors or other doctors you haven’t met.
      • We take pride in giving our patients individual care and attention and you can experience that from the time you consult Dr Ankit Gupta either online or in person.
      • At Panache Aesthetics, we have an in-house operating facility and 24×7 availability of Dr Ankit in the setup itself.
      • We can boast of one of the finest results and negligible complications of the surgery.
      • We are supported by a huge number of satisfied patients.
      • Panache is not a chain of hospitals or a company who hires doctors and then later you don’t get to meet them after you have paid your money.
      • We would recommend you visit us and make your own decision regarding the above stated points.
      What will be the cost of the procedure?

      Cost of procedure depends on various factors like

      Type of anesthesia being given

      Grade of gynecomastia


      Days of stay

      Additional procedures being planned along with Gynecomastia

      For an approximate cost of your condition, you can always get in touch with our team on whatsapp – +91 9599554211 or call us and we will be happy to let you know.

      What all happens – what is the sequence of events.

      A detail of the whole process starting from consultation to post operative care has been described by Dr Ankit in the tabs above (Treatment Timelines). Please go through those and let us know if you have any more queries

      What is the best way to get to know all that is required ?

      The best and the only way without any doubt is to meet Dr Ankit directly or over a video consultation and ask your queries in detail.

      One can do all the research they want but nothing is better than meeting the actual surgeon who will be operating on you and getting all your doubts cleared by him.

      Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

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      Dr Ankit Gupta: Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Delhi

      best cosmetic plastic surgeon in delhi

      Dr Ankit Gupta

      MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)

      Dr Ankit Gupta, the founder and owner of Panache Aesthetics, is a senior Plastic Surgeon with many years of experience. He is one of the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Delhi, and according to Happy Patients, performs the ‘Best Gynecomastia Surgery in Delhi’.