Hair Transplant


Don’t loose your sleep over Hair Loss. Let us re-create your hairline with hair transplant, and re-build your confidence.

hair transplant

Hair Transplant

Don’t loose your sleep over Hair Loss. Let us re-create your hairline, and re-build your confidence.

hair transplant

treatment Timelines for hair transplant

On an average, the consultation will take 30-45 mins. Please feel free to ask all your queries regarding the hair transplant procedure during this time. We will be taking a detailed history from you, regarding all the past illnesses, as well as any medications you might be on.

First of all, sir will examine you for any hair related condition and if condition can be improved without surgery with medication alone. If surgery is the only option, then we will discuss about the techniques and which one suits your condition – FUE/FUT. Eventually, you might also be seen by Dr. O P Gupta, who is our in-house Physician, in case, you have Hypertension or Diabetes. We will explain in detail regarding all that can be achieved with Hair Transplant. Doctor Ankit might also suggest additional procedures, if required, or alternatives, in case, he feels they are better for you.

You can enquire about the cost of the procedure, type of anaesthesia, pictures and videos of other patients. Once all is decided, date of surgery will be finalized.

Before your Surgery

You need to stop applying any medications on your head or hair 1 week prior

You should not get your head shaven within 2 weeks

You should get your hair dyed if you have white hair 3-4 days prior to transplant.   

You should stop taking any un-prescribed supplements, at least 1 week before surgery.

Stop smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery

Arrange for a pick up and drop as you won’t be allowed to drive back on your own

You should try for 1 week off from work.

Arrange for post-operative medications if no one lives with you to help you out in the post-operative period. You might need some help for max 1 day.

Inform Dr Ankit about all the regular medications you are taking, and whether to continue or stop.

On day of surgery

  • Bathe properly.
  • Have light breakfast
  • Use a taxi or someone should drive you to the clinic as you won’t be allowed to drive back on your own.


At Panache Aesthetics
  • We will take few pre-operative pictures for records.
  • You will have to sign the consent forms and complete the file work of the hospital
  • Hair line Markings & Donor area marking will be done by Dr. Ankit Gupta.
  • We will do sensitivity for Antibiotics and local anaesthesia to check for allergies
  • Your vital parameters like blood pressure, oxygen saturation and Pulse rate will be checked.
  • Once preoperative check list is complete, you will be shifted to the operation theatre along with a Nurse. Then the local anaesthesia will be given, and the surgery will start.
  • Usually you will get 3-4 breaks in between the whole process, when you are allowed to use washroom, have snacks and lunch and use your mobile.
  • The environment in the procedure room or OT is kept light with music of your choice.
  • The procedure usually ends by 5-6pm if started at 9 am.
  • Post operative pics will be taken and you will be explained about the post operative precautions you need to take at home.
  • You will have a dressing on the donor area and the head is covered with a surgical cap.
  • We generally advise 2 days of head elevation and ice packs to reduce the swelling of the face.
  • You can travel back home once you are comfortable, after at least 1 hr. of observation in post-operative period.
  • Post operatively, you might have swelling near forhead.


  • At Home
  • You are advised to not do heavy activities, atleast for 1 week, however, can resume your normal activities.
  • It is safe to wash your face and eyes from the next day of surgery
  • You will be advised a spray of normal saline mixed with an antibiotic to keep the hairs moist in case you feel itchy
  • Your follow up will be at 4 days, when we will remove your dressing, give you a head wash and also teach you how to do it at home. In case,  you reside in Delhi, you can come back after 2 weeks for a more vigorous head wash, or else we will teach you how to do that at home.
  • You can keep monthly appointments with us for regular Plasma therapy sessions post hair transplant.
  • You should see your hairs at 6 months from day of surgery

Indications for hair transplant

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Receding Hairline
  • Thinning of hair
  • Moustache/ Eye brow reconstruction

Case Study: FUE Hair transplant

best hair transplant

Know More About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is done to cure receding hairline or baldness in men and women. Male pattern hair loss is the most common cause of baldness caused by genetic predisposition.  Male hormone testosterone action on the hair root causes baldness in men. It is a normal process, but, loosing hair earlier in life can make one look aged and result in stress, anxiety and tension. In women, the reasons for hair loss vary from androgenetic alopecia to PCOD or thyroid imbalance.

The treatment or hair loss involves medications and topical therapy to prevent further progress of baldness. However, if a hair follicle is lost, Hair Transplant is the only option available to restore the hairline.

Hair Transplant Techniques

  1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) is a hair transplant technique in which a thin strip of skin is removed from the back of the head surgically. The hair follicles are then divided into individuals units. The donor area is then stitched together.  Hair follicles are implanted by creating reception incisions or holes in the treatment area and placing hair follicles with forceps. FUT technique leaves a noticeable scar on the donor area.
  2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the most prevalent hair transplant technique in which a hair follicle or group of hair follicles are removed by making a circular cut in the skin around it by using a punch. This leaves small open holes in the scalp that turn into tiny white scars. FUE scars are less visible than FUT scars. Hair follicles are implanted the same way as in the FUT technique.

Patient Pictures

Hair Transplant before after panache aesthetics 1
Hair Transplant before after panache aesthetics 1
Hair Transplant before after panache aesthetics 1
Hair Transplant before after panache aesthetics 1

Patient Testimonials

Best doctor & team for hair transplant. He treats patient like his friend or family member. N trust me he is best in this. If you required suregery then only he will go for this else he will go with medicine. The Best thing is you doesn’t feel any pain in surgery. He is so professional and always accept me with great smile. He is an good surgeon with a skillful knowledge. (GOOGLE REVIEW)

Joheb – Hair Transplant

I was told to undergo hair transplant at various places but Dr Gupta diagnosed my condition of alopecia aerate and treated it with 3 sitting of injections.  thank you.

Hair Loss Treatment

Highly recommended. good nature, simple, honest doctor. right price and very good results. Had visited many centres but seeing his transparency and approachability,  i decided to choose him. His price was a bit more than the other centres, but. i am totally satisfied with my results and would certainly recommend him. Best part is the team of doctors he has and it gives an added advantage. setup is very. clean and maintained. you will develop a bond with him…. thank you sir.

Hair Transplant Surgery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hair Transplant safe?
  • Hair transplant is a safe procedure provided you are choosing the correct doctor and center for your procedure. We would suggest you go through the qualifications of the surgeon and then visit the centre and finally decide on the treatment.
  • If proper planning is done and sterility is maintained this is one of the safest procedure
Will I get the desired results?
  • Yes. Hair transplantation is one of the most rewarding surgeries with great life changing results.
  • Once you under go a consultation with DR ANKIT GUPTA- our esteemed plastic surgeon, you will be clear in what to expect from the treatment. one can see the before after pics shown in the webpage to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Results depends on the planning and proper  execution of the whole procedure.
  • We are proud of great results of hair transplant from our center and keep up with the current advancements in the techniques of hair transplant.
Will I have pain?
  • Relax. The procedure is not painful. During the procedure, pain numbing medications are given after which you feel heaviness in your scalp and the whole  surgical site is anaesthetised. you are fully awake in the procedure and can enjoy light music and detailed discussion with the operating team regarding your treatment.
  • Once the surgery is over you are given painkillers which you need to take for at-least 1 week after the procedure, even if you don’t feel any pain, as it helps in reducing the swelling as well.
When will I see the results?
  • 6-9 months.
  • It depends from person to person and also on donor area used. Usually it takes about 5-6 months for one to see the proper growth, but full growth is attained at around 9 months to about now year.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma injections will accelerate the growth.
Where is the surgery performed?
  • Surgery is performed at our center in Pitampura- Panache aesthetics – hair laser and plastic surgery center. It is done in a sterilized operating room with continuous monitoring of your vital parameters all safety equipment and medicines ready.
  • We try to keep the environment light and calm with light music but never compromise on the safety of our patient. Patients safety is always our priority over any other issue.
  • You get the advantage of a physician – Dr O P Gupta along with our Plastic surgeon during the procedure for proper care and safety.
What are the steps of surgery?
  • Consent for the procedure- all remaining queries answered again by Dr Ankit Gupta – in case you have any.
  • Preoperative photography
  • Markings before hair transplant
  • Sensitivity testing
  • Shaving of the scalp
  • Local anaesthesia to the donor area
  • Harvesting of grafts- FUE/FUT
  • Hair line creation
  • Graft implantation
  • Photographs
  • Dressing of donor area
Does age matter? Am I too late?
  • No. Old age is not a contraindication for the procedure of hair transplant.
  • In fact, it’s better because you now have a stable hair line.
  •  Few issues with mature individuals can be the co morbidities that come with age like diabetes and hypertension. Since we have an on board Senior Physician – Dr O P Gupta with us, we are better equipped to handle such clients.
When should I get hair transplant? Timing?
  • Hair transplant helps in covering the bald area over your scalp. Ideally it should be down once the hair fall has stabilised and new areas of baldness are not appearing.
  • One should also remember that the transplanted hair takes around 6-9 months to grow and give a good result. So in case one wants to look his best for an event, he should ideally plan it at least 6 months in advance and best will be to plan it 9 months in advance.
How should I plan for the surgery?
  • One needs to be sure that the operating team is qualified and the lead is a Plastic surgeon who has sufficient experience in hair transplant procedure- Do your research.
  • One should have a one to one consult with the plastic surgeon before choosing him as his surgeon – Book an appointment.
  • In case you have any medical condition like Thyroid, Hypertension or diabetes or local scalp issues like infection or dandruff, get it stabilised before the procedure.
  • Stop using – Minoxidil at-least 2 weeks before the procedure.
  • Stop smoking, and also, consuming Green tea, multivitamins, blood thinners atleast 1 week prior to surgery

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