Liposuction & Fat Grafting

No need to hide, Get the body of your dreams with Liposuction.

best liposuction in delhi

Liposuction & Fat Grafting

No need to hide, Get the body of your dreams with Liposuction.

best liposuction in delhi


What is Liposuction?

All your doubts about Liposuction get answered by our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Ankit Gupta.

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You are welcome go through our webpage, YouTube videos and social media handles to gain more knowledge about Liposuction and to know more about us.

It would be great, if you can book an in person consultation with Dr Ankit Gupta- Our Plastic surgeon, who will operate on you. During this consultation he will examine you,  and clarify all your doubts. Google is a good tool to research, however, you will have to see a Plastic surgeon before finally taking the call. Otherwise, we can also arrange an for online/ video consult, in case, you stay outside Delhi NCR. A rough estimate of the cost can be enquired by contacting us on WhatsApp on +91 9599554211 after sharing your pics. Take care to not reveal your identiy and shore only if you feel comfortable sharing.


Preferred timings for new patients for 1st consultation are from 5-8 pm as Dr Ankit is usually busy with surgeries in the morning hours. In case, you wish to meet in morning, you can always let us know and we will make arrangements for the same.

We will share our location with you, or you can search Panache aesthetics – Dr Ankit Gupta online as well.


On an average, the consultation will take 30-45 mins. Please feel free to ask all your queries regarding the Liposuction during this time. We will be taking a detailed history from you, regarding all the past illnesses,  any past surgeries, as well as any medications you might be on.

First of all, sir will assess if you are a good candidate and liposuction is the correct surgery for you and then examine you for any Medical condition and if the surgery is safe for you and your Body. Eventually, you might also be seen by Dr. O P Gupta, who is our in-house Physician, in case, you have Hypertension or Diabetes. We will explain in detail regarding all that can be achieved with Liposuction. Doctor Ankit might also suggest additional procedures, if required, or alternatives, in case, he feels they are better for you.

You can enquire about the cost of the procedure, type of anaesthesia, pictures and videos of other patients. Once all is decided, date of surgery will be finalized.

Before your Surgery

You should stop taking any un-prescribed supplements, at least 1 week before surgery.

Stop smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery

Arrange for a pick up and drop as you won’t be allowed to drive back on your own

You should try for 2days to 1 week off from work depending on the areas being treated at once.

Arrange for post-operative medications if no one lives with you to help you out in the post-operative period. You might need some help for up to 2 days.

Inform Dr Ankit about all the regular medications you are taking, he will let you know whether to continue or stop.

  • Bathe properly.
  • Don’t apply any makeup
  • In case of general anaesthesia, you will need to be empty stomach for 6 hours before surgery. Have light food, if Local anaesthesia is decided.
  • Use a taxi or someone should drive you to the clinic as you won’t be allowed to drive back on your own.
At Panache Aesthetics
  • We will take few pre-operative pictures for records.
  • You will have to sign the consent forms and complete the file work of the hospital
  • Markings will be done by Dr. Ankit Gupta.
  • We will do sensitivity for Antibiotics and local anesthesia to check for allergies
  • Your vital parameters like blood pressure, oxygen saturation and Pulse rate will be checked.
  • Once preoperative check list is complete, you will be shifted to the operation theatre along with a Nurse. Then the anaesthesia will be given, and the surgery will start.
  • You will be able in dressings in areas of liposuction. You might be wearing a tight pressure garment as well.
  • We will shift you back to your room after 1 hr of surgery. You will be allowed to have food and water after 4 hrs from time of surgery.
  • You can travel back home once you are comfortable, after at least 1 hr. of observation in post-operative period after Local anaesthesia and after at least 6 hrs of observation after General anaesthesia.
  • Post operatively, you will be having swelling and bruising in the treated areas.
At Home
  • You are advised to not do heavy activities, at least for 1 week, however, can resume your normal activities.
  • You need to continue wearing the pressure garments and follow all the post-operative advises given to you buy our plastic surgeon.
  • You will be advised an antibiotic and painkiller for 5 days post operatively
  • Swelling subsides by about 1 month and the wow results that you wanted are visible fully by 3 months.
  • You need to continue wearing the pressure garments for up to 2 months post surgery.
  • Bathing all cleaning is allowed after 2 days of surgery.
  • You can resume you daily activities from the next day itself.
  • A lot deoends on th areas being treated and how many areas are being treated at once and also on the tyope of anaesthesia given to you to define the exact recovery.
  • You can ask in details about yopur case and get a fair idea to what you should expect in the post operative period.
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics

Indications for Liposuction

  • Liposuction is the treatment of choice, when you need to remove the fat from particular areas
  • We do not recommend liposuction as a treatment for obesity
  • You can consider liposuction for areas where the fat is resistant to diet and exercise
  • Common areas we treat with liposuction: Abdomen, thighs, armpit or axillary fat deposits, chin to remove double chin, arms

Treatment options in Liposuction

  • Colmans technique
  • Liposuction along with fat grafting
  • Using Ultrasound including skin tightening
  • Combined with skin reduction surgery
  • High definition Lipo-sculpturing
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics
Liposuction at Panache aesthetics

Know More About Liposuction

Liposuction- ie removal of fat from the body using minimally invasive method of suction. It is also called as just Lipo or BODY CONTOURING. We provide best Liposuction treatment in Delhi, at Panache aesthetics. Dr Ankit Gupta, the Founder, a Gold Medalist Plastic surgeon will get you in shape in a matter of hours. If you have stubborn fat around your waist, arms, legs, thighs, chin or chest, we can get rid of it using the simple but very effective techniques.

When people gain weight, the size of the individual fat cells increase. In Liposuction, we remove these fat cells from the body, and hence, the body contouring thus achieved is PERMANENT, as long as your weight remains stable.

After liposuction, the skin molds itself to the new contours of the treated areas. If you have good skin tone and elasticity, the skin is likely to appear smooth. If your skin is thin with poor elasticity, however, the skin in the treated areas may appear loose.

Areas That We Treat with Liposuction/ Lipo-Sculpturing/ Fat Grafting

  • Face: Double Chin and Cheek Fat / Buccal Fat
  • Chest:
    • Breast lipo-sculpturing by liposuction combined with fat grafting to get your breast in shape
    • Liposuction with Breast Implants
    • Breast reduction
    • Gynaecomastia– Male breast or moobs can be reduced by Liposuction
    • Gynaecomastia with high definition pectoral reshaping
  • Abdomen
    • Tummy Tuck
    • Six pack abs by High Definition Lipo-sculpturing
    • Two pack female abs Lipo-sculpturing
    • Hour glass figure using liposuction with fat grafting to lower body
    • Flank Liposuction
    • Saddle bags reduction
    • Love handle reduction or Muffin Top Reduction
  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Back

Patient Pictures

liposuction before after panache aesthetics
Blepharoplasty before after panache aesthetics
Blepharoplasty before after panache aesthetics
Blepharoplasty before after panache aesthetics

More Patient Results

Patient Testimonials

Dr ankit is very understanding and humble doctor. His results are awsome, i am really satisfied by him.. will definitely recommend him.

Happy Patient – Liposuction


Happy Patient –  Double Chin Liposuction


Happy Patient –  Abdomen & Back Liposuction

Got multiple areas treated. with Dr Ankit Gupta. … I Got my lovehandles and lower tummy lipo by sir. He is amazing and i love my body…. recovery was smooth and i was discharged the same day. wore garment for 1 month and i am a new me….. thanks for giving me this new body ; )

Special thanks to staff as they took care of me ….  i went alone for surgery and they were so nice. good homly secure environment and full privacy maintained.  5/5 points.

now planning for my implants next….

Happy Patient – Liposuction

More Patient Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Liposuction done?

Dr Ankit will first mark the areas of concern and then take you to the Operating room. We will give you local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Dr Ankit will make small (only 3 mm) cuts, that too, in hidden body parts like axilla and inguinal crease or umbilicus to access the areas to be treated. First the medication is injected in various planes and left for around 15 mins for it to dissolve the fat, then using ultrasonic energy the fat is broken down to smaller fragments. This step also helps in achieving skin tightening and shrinkage of loose skin. Later the fat and the medicated fluid is suctioned out, giving you the shape you desire.

Can this fat be used to fill other areas, like my butt? / Do you do Fat Grafting?

The process of using the fat removed from one area of the body, being injected into another area is known as FAT GRAFTING.

And yes, at Panache Aesthetics, we do fat grafting wherever the same is desired by the patient, and is a viable option.

For Fat Grafting, firstly we will collect the required amount of fat to be injected in a sterile container and process it. This processed fat will then be injected into buttocks or the areas planned to enhance contours and rejuvenate tissues.

How big will be the scars from Liposuction?

We use 3-5mm incisions in hidden areas- stealth incisions. These are usually in inguinal crease, or axilla or umbilicus .

When can I expect to see the results after Lipo-sculpturing?

Some changes are there immediately after surgery, however, complete results are seen after 3 weeks to 3 months. It takes body upto 3 months to reduce the swelling and edema of surgery.

When can I resume activity after Liposuction/ Fat Grafting surgery?

We recommend you to start walking from the day of the surgery itself. However, it is advisable to restrict heavy work till 2-3 weeks of procedure. Most people can go back to desk job in 2-3 days depending on the areas treated. Heavy sport activity is advisable after 3 months only.

Will I need to wear anything special after Liposuction/ Lipo-sculpturing?

Yes, after the procedure you will be provided with a pressure garment as per your dimensions and you will have to wear it for a minimum of 3 weeks. It is advisable to wear such garments for upto 3 months for better results.

Is the surgery painful?

NO- The surgery will be done under Local or General anesthesia which will make either the concerned area numb or put you in a twilight zone, and hence, you won’t feel any pain.

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best cosmetic plastic surgeon in delhi

Dr Ankit Gupta

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Dr Ankit Gupta, the founder and owner of Panache Aesthetics, is a senior Plastic Surgeon with many years of experience. He is one of the Best Liposuction Surgeon in Delhi, and according to Happy Patients, performs the ‘Best Liposuction in Delhi’.


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