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Droopy Eyelids: Why do they happen?

Droopy Eyelids or hooded eyelids is a condition where there is excess sagging of the upper eyelid. This gives an aged appearance to the face, and getting it rectified can instantly shave off a decade from your face.

What Are the Reasons for Droopy Eyelids

Many of our patients who visit us for Droopy Eyelids, wonder what is the reason for the same. After all, not everyone has hooded eyelids. Some of the common reasons can be:


  • The skin around the eyes is very thin. It is one of the thinnest skin in the human body.
  • Normal aging process.
  • Due to the movements that we have around the eyes with a frequent blinking.
  • As the collagen and elastin fibers of the body degrade, these can become slacks and it hangs down.
  • It can be genetic.
  • Can be because of the environmental reasons like – smoking a lot.
  • If there is extra fat, or if the septum is loose this fat can bulge out, and that causes the extra amount of fat which is seen from the inner or the middle part of the upper eyelid.
  • The lacrimal gland has fallen from its place or prolapsed. It can be seen as a bulge on the outer part of the upper eyelid.
  • If you are from the Asian origin. You do not genetically have a good Lid crease.
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Dr Ankit Gupta

MBBS, MS, M.Ch (Plastic Surgery)

Dr Ankit Gupta, the founder and owner of Panache Aesthetics, is a senior Plastic Surgeon with many years of experience. He is one of the Best Eyelid Surgeon in Delhi, and according to Happy Patients, performs the ‘Best Blepharoplasty in Delhi’.